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Amazon slashes five percent of jobs in Audible division

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Amazon's Audible division slashes 5 percent jobs

Amazon's Audible unit is cutting around five percent of its staff to position the division “for continued success.” 

This comes in the wake of major layoffs on Wednesday, January 10, across various units within Amazon.

It includes Prime Video, MGM Studios, and Twitch livestreaming, affecting hundreds of employees.

Audible CEO Bob Carrigan said: “We did not take this route without considerable thought.

“But getting leaner and more efficient is the way we will need to operate now — and in the foreseeable future — in order to continue delivering best-in-class audio storytelling to our customers around the world.”

Amazon has been implementing widespread layoffs since the end of 2022, extending into 2023. 

This period marked the most significant job reduction in Amazon's history, affecting over 27,000 positions across nearly every company sector.

Despite being acquired by Amazon in 2008 for approximately $300 million, Audible has largely operated independently. 

However, the unit is not immune to the broader restructuring efforts within its parent company. 

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