Apple employees fear potential reprisals as the company tightens its return-to-work policies.

A tweet from Platformer’s Zoe Schiffer shows that the Cupertino giant has started checking badge records to verify in-person attendance.

Those who fail to show up three times a week now get escalating warnings.

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While it is not a direct policy from Apple, Schiffer claims failing to comply may result in termination at specific areas inside the tech giant.

This news comes only a week after a report Apple was looking for ways to cut costs.

While the firm is not planning mass layoffs like Facebook, it keeps positions open when employees leave.

That suggests that if a worker gets sacked for failing to comply with the return to work mandate, Apple will have one less employee to pay. 

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But since termination for noncompliance is not an official Apple policy, the corporation is unlikely to use this as a major cost-cutting measure.

Employees have spoken out against the return-to-office requirement and Apple’s relaxation of COVID-related safety standards. 

They regard these regulations as a possible health risk and are unaware of how working from home has increased productivity and morale in several divisions.

As the pandemic frenzy subsides, the corporate world has pushed for a return to the office.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg recently stated his favor for in-person work, finding it more productive.

Source: AppleInsider

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