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Skip the museums and check out these weird and wonderful tourist attractions in the US instead

The world's biggest rocking chair

The world's biggest rocking chair

If you've explored even just some of this huge country, it’s more than likely you’ve experienced plenty of the more popular tourist attractions in the USA.

But what about some of the more offbeat attractions?

No one will believe these bizarre landmarks exist until they see the proof. 


Dole Plantation Maze | Oahu, HI

Jason Swadley - Flickr

This is the world’s largest plant maze and is located on the Dole Pineapple Plantation on the north shore of Oahu.

More than two miles of paths spiral through the hedges of 14,000 colorful Hawaiian plants such as hibiscus, heliconia, and pineapples, of course.

The plantation displays the names of the fastest finishers on a sign at the entrance to the maze and the current record stands at seven minutes!

The world’s largest objects | Casey, IL

John Manard - Flickr

This town in Illinois is home to not one, not two, but eight of the world’s largest objects, including a rocking chair, knitting needles, crochet hook, wind chime, and golf tee.

Jim Bolin installed the wind chime, in 2011 and things grew from there.

Bolin thought a public art structure (titled Big Things in a Small Town) might help bring in some tourists.

His theory seems to be working: Casey is home to only 2,698 citizens, and the town gets up to 500 visitors a day hoping to catch a peek at its attractions.

Witch House | Salem, MA

Jennifer Boyer - Flickr

This New England town’s past draws urban witches and history enthusiasts from all over the country.

Learn about the notorious Witch Trials of 1692 with a visit to the Witch House.

This 17th-century home was owned by James Corwin, a local merchant who presided over many of the witchcraft examinations.

Area 51 | Lincoln County, NV

notevenathing - Flickr

Deep in the middle of the Nevada desert, you’ll find Area 51, the top-secret facility that has been covered in mystery for decades.

Little is known about what goes on inside, except that the military developed and tested spy planes at the base during the Cold War.

The secrecy combined with strange sightings leaving Area 51 led to numerous rumors of UFO sightings, alien abductions, and other activities over the years.

Curious visitors and alien enthusiasts should check out the area for themselves.

Christmas ghost town | Santa Claus, AZ

Ben Churchill- Flickr

The middle of the Mojave Desert definitely isn’t the first place you’d look for Saint Nick—and yet, this abandoned town in Arizona is dedicated to all things Christmas.

Nina Talbot and her husband founded the town in 1937 in an attempt to attract buyers to the desert.

Santa Claus did become popular with tourists for a while.

Families would drive into town to send letters with a festive postmark from the local post office and dine at the Christmas Tree Inn.

Sadly, all the Christmas spirit wasn't enough to convince anyone to move there and the town eventually fell into disrepair.

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