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10 Tips to Help You Make A Good First Impression On Your First Day At Work

A woman arrives at work for her first day

You’ve waited so long to find a job you truly care about, and now it is here.

You’re about to head over to your dream job but are anxious because you want to start it right.

First off, congratulations on finally finding something you have wanted to do all your life; not everyone gets to have that.

Now, you are right not to want to start your job on the wrong foot because you want this to work.

However, you don’t have to worry about blowing it; you just have to prepare ahead. As such, we have compiled these ten tips to help you be at your best and have a great first day.

  1. Have a Good Night’s Rest

It is perfectly normal to be unable to sleep the night before your big first day at work, especially after playing the games you see when you click here.

However, you need that rest because it ensures your brain is well-rested and ready for the next day.

Considering the bulk of work waiting for you, you need to go to bed early and sleep tight. Moreover, you don’t want to go to work the next day, which is what will happen if you sleep late.

  1. Get There Early

That brings us to the second point: get to your new workplace early.

Nothing says “unserious” better than someone coming to work on their first day fifteen minutes late.

Therefore, plan your time the day before, prepare to wake up early, and arrive early at your new job.

This tells everyone, including your boss, that you are ready to work and don’t take the opportunity for granted.

  1. Dress Appropriately

You’re familiar with the popular saying, ' How you dress will determine how people will address you.’

On your first day of work, ensure you wear business casual or professional. Better still, you can contact the company on their apparel guidelines the day before and follow the dress code.

  1. Prepare to learn, unlearn, and relearn

Whatever knowledge of the job you have before you start work should guide you in making the most of your first day.

However, you need to understand that theoretical knowledge differs from experiential knowledge, and you’re about to meet people with the latter.

Therefore, prepare to learn, unlearn, and relearn the principles and dynamics of the job that will help you give your best.

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  1. Prepare Your Questions Ahead

As you prepare for the big day, prepare a list of questions and determine to ask them.

Having and asking a list of questions can help you have an informative and productive day.

Ask questions, don’t make assumptions, and remember to write them down so you will not forget.

  1. Get Your Elevator Pitch Ready

As you are introduced to your colleagues, they will want to know who they will work with. Your elevator pitch will tell them whether you will be an asset to the team or a liability.

Therefore, you want to prepare a quality elevator pitch that covers your history and background within 15 to 20 seconds.

Meanwhile, try not to memorize the pitch; let it come from your heart to give it a more natural touch.

  1. Calm Down and Be Yourself

Feeling nervous on your first day at work is normal, but try to relax and be your natural self. Let your colleagues see who you are so they can know who they are working with. Meanwhile, taking deep breathing techniques can help with the nervousness, keeping you calm, focused, and remembering more.

  1. Watch Your Body Language

Your body language says more than your words, ensuring you project positive body language.

For example, sitting or standing straight with your shoulders back helps tell everyone you’re paying attention during the briefing.

Also, maintain eye contact with the person giving you the orientation and smile when the occasion demands it.

  1. Start Building Your Network

You need people if you will excel anywhere, and that applies to your dream job.

Therefore, start building your network and relationships from day one by talking to as many people as possible.

Talk to your new colleagues, managers, and people in other departments; this helps you feel more integrated into the workplace.

  1.  Learn the Organization’s Language

Every workplace has its language, such as phrases and acronyms, that they use to explain what they do.

You want to learn your new company’s language to excel in your position and improve your chances of promotion.

Meanwhile, if you discover any abbreviations or words you don’t understand, ask your coworkers or whoever can help you.


Starting a new job can come with anxiety and uncertainty, mostly out of the desire to leave a good first impression.

These tips have proven effective in helping people prepare for their first day at work, and we’re sure they’ll help you, too.

Good luck!

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