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Bromley FC to hire Football Manager gamer to backroom staff

Football tac ticss board on pitch

Football management game enthusiasts often believe they could outperform real-life professional managers.

Now, one enthusiast has the opportunity to test that belief.

Bromley, a team aspiring for promotion in the National League, is offering a unique job: a support performance tactician.

The catch? Candidates must win a league title in the latest Football Manager game.

They can't just present a polished CV or analytics qualifications.

The chosen person will transition from virtual gaming to real-world experience.

They will be shadowing the Bromley coaching team, including manager Andy Woodman.

The role is from from January to May, five days a week.

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Bromley boss: "I'm going to make sure they're treated like every other member of my staff"

He said: "It's a great opportunity for someone to go from the gaming chair and then sit beside us day in, day out and on a matchday and hopefully add value to us.

"It's the age where everyone thinks they can do a better job, and that's why we love football, we all think we've got our input and our ideas.

"I can assure everyone that this isn't a gimmick.

"When I got offered this proposal I wanted to make sure it was on my terms where we have someone that really is part of our team and really is in the trenches with us.

"We're going to get it down to a number of applicants and then interview them and get the best one that we feel will fit into our football club and work closely with myself and my staff.

"Once they're in I'm going to make sure they're treated like every other member of my staff and they have a voice in our meetings and we'll take on board their input.

"I'm looking forward to it."

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Miles Jacobson, head of the game's development studio Sports Interactive, added: "Football fans are full of opinions on how their team can do better on the pitch - now we can finally find out if their theories are right."

The role involves participating in first-team training, creating opposition analysis, and assisting with team selection, tactics, and scouting.

Candidates must submit a one-minute video explaining why they deserve this position.

Additionally, a documentary will chronicle this unique recruitment process next year.

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