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WhatJobs Tips – Finding a job in Northumberland


What jobs are in Northumberland?
Northumberland is a county with plenty of opportunities for everyone, no matter the industry specialised in. Tourism is also a major source of employment and income in the county. People travel to visit the beautiful coast, national parks, castles and catholic cathedrals. Like many counties, coal mining is part of its history, but in Northumberland, it is also part of its present as coal mines continue to operate today, with an open-cast mine at Halton Lea Gate. 

A major employer is the Hexham based Egger (UK). The company produces wood-based panel products and hires operators, lorry drivers and mechanics. Pharmaceutical, healthcare, and medical biotechnology companies account for a huge part of the county’s economy. Companies include Northeast of England Process Industry Cluster, Aesica Pharmaceuticals, Piramal Healthcare and Thermo Fisher Scientific. Bioscientists, researchers and analytical chemists can all find careers here. Lastly, Newcastle University and Northumbria University are the leading academic universities nearby, both hiring professors and lecturers. 

What is it like living in Northumberland?
Northumberland was once its own Kingdom and is now filled with historical sites that can take you back through time. There are gorgeous landscapes to explore and a large population of wildlife that is perfect for families to explore. With countless castles, endless beaches and great nightlife, there is something for everyone. The property scene is a lot more affordable than the likes of London. A semi-detached house usually sells for around £192,700.

Kris Paterson is a writer for Whatjobs