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The Worst Job Interviews Ever

A man's job interview doesn't go well

No one wants to mess up at an interview.

But usually, you tell people “the worst that’s going to happen is they won’t hire you…” which isn’t always true.

These stories prove it.

Next time you worry about your interview performance, just be grateful you’re not one of these poor candidates.


No words...

Businesses Insider reported: “During an interview, my interviewer’s phone rang. When he saw the caller ID on his phone he yelled “Oh for f#%$ sake!” and picked up.

"He then yelled at the person he was talking to on the phone in fluent Japanese.

"Keep in mind he was a tall skinny pale guy with blonde hair, so this caught me off guard.

"He then hung up, smashed a vase on his table in his rage, and ran out blazing fast. Leaving me bewildered.

"Needless to say, I didn’t go back. To this day I still don’t know what happened.”

Believe in yourself!

Coburg Banks reported: “I was at the end of an hour-long interview in which I had to do a 15-minute “micro-teach” for a training position.

I nailed it, and then this one guy asks, “Do you know what job you’re here for?” This totally derailed me.

I thought, “Why is he asking me? Does he not know? Did someone screw up?” And then I thought, “Well, I thought I did, but he’s asking me, so maybe I’m wrong?” (This was all split-second thinking.)

I blurted out: “No.”

Yeah, I didn’t get the job. I tried to recover, but it was too late.

How about a side of McAwkward with that?

The same article revealed: “I had a job interview for McDonald’s and got there early. I had a look around because I was restless.

"So, I opened a door and ended up in the kitchen, which was empty.

"I walked around and passed some nuggets and thought I’d help myself to a couple.

"I left the kitchen and suddenly the manager appeared. He reached for the hand which was holding a nugget.

There was an awkward moment as I slid the nugget into my suit jacket pocket and then shook his hand. He then led me into the office.

There was a long pause before he said, ‘did you just steal a chicken nugget from the kitchen?’ I looked uncomfortable and didn’t respond.

He then said: ‘I think you should go’.”

Talk about unfair

“I got asked to leave after I tripped on the way into an interview at a grocery store.”

Reading the signs wrong

“The interviewer reached over the table and went to shake my hand. Nerves got the better of me and I inadvertently winked at him.”

Starsign discrimination

Procorerec reported: “I was a fresh design graduate and had had two interviews already at a leading fashion designer.

Their business partner loved my portfolio, so I thought I had the job. The third interview was with the designer’s husband, who came into the room and asked one question: “What’s your star sign?”

After hearing my reply he turned around and walked straight out.

I was stunned, turned to the business partner, and asked what went wrong.

He shook his head and said: ‘Same as his wife. He won’t have anyone who shares her star sign.’ And that was that.”

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