Over 400,000 people will be awarded a medal in recognition of their work as part of the Coronation of King Charles III.

The medal is made of nickel silver and features the royal cypher on one side, with images of the King and Queen Consort on the other.

Those eligible to receive the medal include police officers, ambulance workers, choristers, and military personnel working at the Coronation.

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Additionally, emergency service workers, prison staff, and members of the armed forces who have served for over five years will also be honored.

Recipients of the George Cross or Victoria Cross who are still alive will also receive the medal.

The tradition of coronation medals dates back to 1603 when the first medal was awarded to mark the accession to the English throne of James I.

This medal featured a bust of the king dressed in the garb of a Roman emperor.

The Department for Culture, Media, and Sport has announced that this medal is a gift from the nation to commemorate the Coronation and honor the individuals who have contributed to the service.

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The recipients of the medal are those who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the Coronation.

The medal is a symbol of gratitude for the vital contributions made by individuals from different walks of life, who have come together to make this event a success.

This recognition will serve as an appreciation of their commitment and dedication to serving their country.

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The awarding of the Coronation medal is a testament to the importance of recognizing the contributions of individuals from diverse backgrounds who have worked towards a common goal.

The medal represents the appreciation of the entire nation for the selfless service of these individuals, who have made the Coronation a memorable event.

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