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5 Qualities of a Good Furniture Moving Professional

If you are moving home or purchasing new furniture, you might need to hire some help in to safely transport and install said furniture.

Awkward, heavy, and fragile furniture items are a real pain to move without the correct training. Here are some qualities shared by all good furniture moving specialists. Whether you are looking to become a furniture mover or just looking to hire one, we have got you covered.

Physical Strength and Stamina

Furniture shipping can be physically demanding, especially when handling large or heavy items. A good furniture mover should be able to lift and carry heavy loads, as well as stand and walk for long periods.

Strength is perhaps the first thing a customer looks for when their furniture mover walks through the door. Exude confidence in your ability to get the job done!

With that being said, strength and stamina are not always initially apparent. If you can prove that you have experience in the trade, clients will know that you and your team have the strength and stamina needed to get the job done.


Attention to Detail

A good eye for small details is essential when handling and transporting furniture. This includes paying attention to the size and shape of the items, as well as any instructions or special requests from the customer.

Furniture movers are responsible for the safe conveyance of objects that may be of very high monetary and sentimental value to their owners and need to be extremely careful when moving awkward pieces of furniture.

Good Communication Skills

A furniture mover should be able to communicate effectively with the customer, as well as with other team members. This includes being able to listen carefully to instructions and ask clarifying questions, as well as being able to explain any concerns or issues that may arise during the moving process.

Some of the main complaints made by clients relate to movers that are extremely poor at communication. In the digital age, furniture movers are expected to communicate effectively with prospective clients online.

This has taken some getting used to for older members of the furniture-moving community.

Customer Service Acumen

Movers should be courteous and professional when interacting with customers.

This includes being punctual, polite, and respectful, as well as being able to address any questions or concerns the customer may have.

It can be rather tricky to remain kind, calm, and composed when conducting heavy lifting work. Customers may sometimes make outrageous requests or ask movers to go beyond the limits of their remit. Good quality movers know how to be straightforward and understandable when addressing customer concerns.

Problem-Solving Skills

Moving furniture can sometimes involve unexpected challenges, such as tight corners or narrow staircases. A good furniture mover should be able to think on their feet and come up with creative solutions to these types of problems.

Dependable furniture movers love a good puzzle to solve. Seeing a complex task as a problem to solve rather than a barrier is essential.

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