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6 Ways You Can Use Your Website To Attract Top Talent

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If you think your company’s website is only helpful as an e-commerce platform, think again. With the right design and functionalities, you can use it to attract top talent. Many companies are already doing just that with their websites, finding and onboarding new hires on their very own online platforms.

With the aid of web design experts, you can do the same for your firm’s website. Here’s a six-item list of ways you can use your website to attract top talent:  

  1. Develop A Career Page  

You may provide a career page about your company and its available jobs. Include job descriptions, how-to videos, and other resources that showcase what it’s like to work at your company. You can browse around here so you can outsource a web design agency that will help you develop this page to make it look more professional and effective.  

For instance, if you’re an e-commerce retailer, you can include sample product demos showing the skills a candidate should have. Or, if you sell cars or hotels, you can add videos of current employees talking about their experiences on the job. This will give potential applicants an idea of what it would be like to work at your company and encourage them to apply for open positions.  

  1. Create An Employer Brand Video  

You can try creating an employer brand video highlighting your company’s culture and why people should want to work there. This video will help you attract quality candidates looking for more than just a paycheck. 

Aside from that, you can create an environment where they’ll feel like they belong and can grow professionally.  

You may give prospective candidates an inside look at your company by offering blog posts from employees or executives about their experiences working for you. For instance, if your branding focuses on giving job opportunities to disadvantaged people, you should put it in a feature. This offers potential hires insight into what you are as an employer, which can help you attract the ideal candidates. 

  1. Make It Easy For Users To Contact You  

Another way you can use your website to attract top talent is by making it easy for people to contact you. This usually means an ‘apply now’ button on every page of your website, which takes users directly to a job application form or links them to a page where they can submit their resume through email.  

You can also include social media buttons throughout your website so visitors can quickly find your company on Facebook and Twitter without leaving their browser window. This strategy helps you build relationships with potential employees before they apply for a company position.  

  1. Include Testimonials From Previous Employees  

You should also include testimonials from past employees on your site. This helps build trust with potential hires because they get to know what others think of working at your organization before deciding whether they want to accept an offer from you.  

For example, include a testimonial from a salesperson who achieved double-digit growth every quarter thanks to your training and support. Aside from that, if you have specific roles that require certain skill sets, show off those skills in action by showcasing them on the website. This is more effective at attracting top talent than simply listing the benefits of working with your company. 

  1. Play Up Your Perks  

You can also use your website to tell potential candidates about the perks of working at your company. Showcase what makes you a great place to work so you can gain the attention of top talent who might contribute to the growth of your organization.  

For example, your page may highlight free lunches or flexible work schedules. Alternatively, you can add a section detailing job openings and the perks of each position. This way, prospective employees will know what they’re getting into before applying.  

  1. Add Industry Information  

Some companies create industry pages on their websites that provide easy access to information about their specific niche and how they fit into the bigger picture. This can include news articles about their industry and competitors, as well as white papers or reports on trends in their industry over time.  

You can have a section of your website dedicated to ‘Industry News’ that links to an article about how your company is doing in the market. Or, perhaps, an article about an industry trend that shows how your company is keeping up with it. This gives potential candidates a feel for what it’s like to work at this company.

Key Takeaway  

Hiring the right people in your organization is for its continued growth. Therefore, you must leverage your website to bring them in. Work with a web design expert that specializes in commercial brands to get the best results. With them, you’re set on turning your online platform into a tool for building your workforce.

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