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Career Advancement Opportunities for Cosmetologists from Learner to Salon Owner

Cosmetology treatment

Cosmetology treatment

Women and Men around the world pour millions of dollars into beauty products and procedures.

The beauty industry is a billion-dollar industry, and that is why many people are developing an interest in cosmetology.

Cosmetology has extended its tentacles to touch different spheres of life. Students are now turning in a lot of why I want to be a cosmetologist essay papers in school.

One thing that students should know is that the cosmetology industry is quite wide. You can explore different cosmetology essays samples to get the hang of these career options.

This article will provide you with the information that will help you in growing your cosmetology business. This will help you get a smooth transition in your career.

Stages of a cosmetologist’s Career

The ideal cosmetologist’s career has a few key stages. These stages are characterized by different activities that sum up to make you a professional. Transitioning from learner to salon owner is not a day’s job. It takes commitment and practice. Here are the stages:

Training and License

There are different subsections in cosmetology, so it is proper to start with research. Understand the different services, then choose one or two based on your strength. That is what most cosmetologists do at this stage. Here you should work towards knowing your stuff. Cosmetologists are required to hold licenses in every state. You must complete a verified and legit cosmetology program and pass the exam.

Depending on your choice, you will learn about facial skin care, nail tech, make-up application, hair treatments, etc. You will also learn how to interact with clients and meet their demands.

You will get a license when you pass the written examination. In some states, you will require a license for every service you provide. You can get this information from the board of cosmetology in your state.

Job stage

After getting a license, you are ready for the industry. Working the job allows you to develop more practical skills. You can resort to an internship as well. This stage is about applying all the knowledge you have acquired in the real world.

You should know you can find jobs in spas, resorts, salons and hotels. Statistics from the U.S Bureau of Labor show that 50% of hairdressers and beauticians were self-employed. This means you can start by yourself, creating a channel of sustainable customers.

Salon Owner/Cosmetology Educator

At this stage, you must have been confident in your skills. This stage is about ownership and having the capacity to own a salon and employ labour. You can use your skill and experience to train upcoming cosmetologists. This is considered to be the pinnacle of the industry. But you can go a bit further to learn more skills and get more licenses to expand your services’ range.

A cosmetologist’s Average Salary

The average annual salary of a cosmetologist might differ from one location to the other. However, we will consider the most lucrative regions where cosmetology is a big deal.

A general estimate from many cosmetologists is between $13,500 to $41,000. Some of the top-paying cosmetology jobs include:

  • Public Relations (PR) expert
  • Education trainer
  • Beauty copywriter
  • Makeup artist (theatrical)
  • Skincare expert

General requirements of a cosmetologist

Some of the general requirements for cosmetologists include the following:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • You should have at least a GED or high school diploma
  • Register in an accredited cosmetology school
  • Complete all your coursework. This might include research, writing term papers and getting a good grade. This may take 9 – 15 months
  • Complete your training hours
  • Ace the state license examination.

Top Traits of a Cosmetologist

Apart from being academically qualified, there are certain skills that you must possess to advance your career to the next level. These skills help you build a better standing among the competition and help you maintain a healthy business. Some of these traits are:

  • Innovativeness and Creativity: you will be working with different clients, and most of them will want something new and fresh. It is your responsibility to think of new and creative ideas constantly.
  • Good customer service: if you want to stand out and expand your career, you must be able to offer your customers good support.
  • Time Management: the cosmetology industry is fast, and you need to learn to manage time to attend to all your customers.
  • Keeping up with trends: new styles are always going to pop up. You must be able to research new trends and find a way to improve or adopt them.
  • Good product knowledge: it is proper that you understand different products. You will suggest and recommend things to clients; some will even ask for your expert opinion. Ensure you know the products

Areas for cosmetology career advancement

There are other areas that cosmetologists can look at for opportunities to advance their careers. Some of these areas include:

  • Product and sales management: you must not actively work as a practicing cosmetologist. You can be in charge of selling products. This does not keep you away from the action, and you must be current and informed on different products
  • Cosmetology educator: you can use your skill to train people who want to build a career in cosmetology. This will require you to choose an area and find a team who will assist in delivering content in that area.
  • Image consultant: your task as an image consultant is to help clients find their personal style and beauty goals. You also ensure that they achieve those goals.


The cosmetology industry is loaded with opportunities. Once you step in, you have the endless potential to become a salon owner or beauty consultant. To build a promising career, you must undergo the right training and develop the right skills. This simple breakdown should equip you with all the information you will need to launch a promising cosmetology career.

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