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Integrating Access Control into Visitor Management: Why it Matters

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Creating an efficient workplace is a matter of delicate balance. Every new visitor to your workplace is a potential threat to security. However, this does not mean you can completely block all exposure points and bring your lobby traffic to a halt.

What’s the convenient solution, then? Modern workplaces are integrating smart access control systems into their visitor management solution.

This not only automates all entries but also does so without interrupting employee and visitor flow.

A streamlined visitor experience coupled with robust security would be a win-win, right? But how are organizations achieving this, and are the reasons compelling enough? Keep reading to find out.

Connecting Visitor Management with Access Control

Access control platforms are used as a workplace security tactic. It is easy to integrate it into a reliable VMS or visitor management system. 

Earlier, workplace security was dependent upon physical monitoring through security guards. Then there was the need for cumbersome lock-and-key solutions. Today the scenario is much different as access control system integrations with VMS handle it all through visitor IDs, no-contact check-ins, and validated visits. 

This means your workplace itself gets total control over which visitors are allowed to enter the premises, which visitors get access to particular areas, etc. Smart badges that use QR codes can be used to allow visitors access to doors and gates. 

Consider an example - Your workplace is awaiting a contractor as a visitor. You send the respective contractor a pre-registration link for entrance. All the paperwork involving signatures, agreements, etc., is done online. This will reduce lobby traffic and save time. 

Upon their arrival, the contractor scans the visitor registration link at the gate and is allowed access. They can be allowed access only to certain designated areas. If the contract ends in a week, you can keep the link active for seven days, after which it expires. This way, you even get to control access hours. The job gets done on time, and you get the peace of mind that your office and workforce are secure. 

The Case for the Integration of Visitor Management and Access Control Systems

The visitor management system market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.46% until 2028. As more and more companies invest in this solution for their business, they’re also on the lookout for robust security solutions. What better way to go about this than to integrate the two?

Listed below are some of the top benefits of integrating access control into your visitor management solution -

1.      Better Overall Security

Strengthening physical security is an important aspect of every workplace. A good access control system keeps your office and workforce safe against liability issues.

This is primarily done through point-of-screening control. You can use the software to control which areas particular visitors are allowed to access. For instance – Greetly allows its users to let visitors access designated areas through their smartphones. This no-touch accessibility also gives you the assurance that physical assets and sensitive information are not misplaced.

2.      Better Visitor Experience

When visitors enter your workplace, they can be greeted by staff at the front desk. However, you can keep the first impressions limited to warm greetings.

If your visitor management system includes access control, there is no need for staff members to guide visitors to their respective areas. Self-guided kiosks accessible through smartphones will help them in navigation.

Your employees get to focus on important tasks whilst visitors enjoy an autonomous experience.

3.      Reduced Operational Cost 

Ah, what could be more frustrating than having a separate security guard for every entrance of your work premises? Not only that, but you will still need a centralized system to monitor each entrance.

Modern visitor management systems’ access control dashboards can monitor multiple locations at once. Visitors can be automatically granted or denied entry based on their credentials. The central unit of the software is also easily accessible remotely to help optimize daily operations.

4.      Better Adherence to Compliance Objectives

There are certain Data Protection rules and regulations that every business needs to follow all year round. With a good access control system, you stand a better chance of adhering to these compliance objectives.

For instance – if there’s a need to run a sudden visitor audit, all you need to do is look through visitor logs. Moreover, the platform can be customized to match your office’s compliance needs. This includes encrypted data, watchlists, safety questionnaires, etc.

Final Thoughts

Just like any other workplace, your business may also have different kinds of visitors. Some may visit for a client meeting, and others, like a courier delivery executive or contractor, may visit for work-related purposes. Each needs quick and user-friendly access.

However, you cannot compromise on security just for temporary visitor access. A good visitor management system with access control can easily categorize visitors based on their type, so they are granted access to only certain locations.

Not only that but on their way out, they can also fulfill obligations like form-filling, attendance, etc. So, if you haven’t considered investing in a robust, customizable visitor management system with access control, do so today!

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