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150 Jaguar Land Rover factory workers to strike over job cuts and pay

Jaguar Land Rover

More than 150 members of staff at Jaguar Land Rover's Halewood plant will go on strike over job cuts and pay.

Workers at IAC will walk out over plans to cut 87 jobs and reduce working hours for the remaining employees.

The Unite members make dashboards at the JLR site.

According to Unite, on a turnout of more than 90 percent, the workers voted 100 percent in favour of industrial action.

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The union also says employees want all redundancies to be voluntary and their pay not be reduced.


Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: "IAC is being entirely opportunistic. Its finances are more than healthy. It is clear these plans are an unnecessary money-grab against staff, put forward because they mistakenly think the workforce is vulnerable.

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"Unite always defends our members’ jobs, pay and conditions and IAC’s workers have the full support of the union in taking strike action."

The dates for strike action are expected to be announced in the coming days.

Unite regional officer Mike Gaskell said: "Strikes will undoubtedly cause disruption to JLR’s production but that is entirely the fault of IAC for shamelessly attacking our members’ jobs and pay.

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"The company needs to give cast iron guarantees that any redundancies will be voluntary and take the needless reduction in pay off the table."

Source:  Business Live

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