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Alexander Paterson, global CEO of WhatJobs?, the global job search engine, is pleased to announce further expansion by setting up operations in Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Luxembourg, and Bangladesh, bringing its total global reach to 61 countries.

Launched in the United Kingdom in 2020, the brand has seen phenomenal growth in the past 12 months and now serves more than 5 million monthly users.

Shane McGourty, Global Managing Director at WHATJOBS International, has previously stated he has ambitions to deliver the brand in 100 countries by the end of 2023, and with this latest batch, the company seems to be on target to achieve this.

Speaking with WhatJobs News he said: "In 2019, the board and I sat around a table and discussed trading overseas and if we could put the product live in the US and UK by March 2020 we would be very happy.

"This month we have set live Oman as our 61st location and I cannot put into words what an unbelievable effort it has been by my team to make this happen in such as short period of time.

From humble beginnings


WhatJobs' roots go back to a flat above a cafe in London, England, in 2003, where Alexander Paterson first coined the idea of bringing high street recruitment online.

His first product was, a job search aggregator that offered a portal for recruitment consultancies in the United Kingdom to advertise their jobs.

After years of building up, Check4Jobs Alexander decided he needed a rebrand and, in May 2011, transitioned the product to AdView.Online.

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In 2016 Paterson accepted a proposal from McGourty to drop the AdView name and take the product overseas to build a brand not just for the few but for the many.

Over the next three years, Paterson and McGourty worked together to create a reputation amongst their peers whilst also laying the groundwork to launch in the United States of America.


Today the business operates from offices in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and Asia and continues to look for expansion opportunities.

WhatJobs continues to be one of the fastest-growing job search start-ups in Europe and is the largest Anglo-Irish job portal in operation.

More international launches are planned in 2023. The company also has an exciting new “employers” product, which went live in March in the USA and has now expanded into twenty further countries. 

Shane concluded by saying: “This is a hugely exciting time for us, and our users can expect more new products and services being offered on a regular basis".

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