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WhatJobs? launches UK business news website to fill “lack of meaningful coverage”

Hugh Fort of What News

WhatJobs News has launched a dedicated UK business news platform to cater to British audiences who may feel that current topics are usually biased towards US-based companies.

In recent times there has been a significant decline in true UK business coverage stories beyond the usual financial and political headlines.

WhatJobs UK news aims to cover topics such as job creation, job losses, company culture, crime within the workplace, and articles about the people behind the United Kingdom's biggest brands.

Editor-in-chief Hugh Fort, who has more than 15 years of experience, said that his goal is to become the leading destination for British companies with a story to tell and those looking to find out more about the businesses and what goes on within them.

"At the moment, there is a real lack of business coverage from British business as a whole.

"In the UK, we have some of the most exciting brands, startups, and leading employers in the world and we aim to give them a voice.


"When I first started writing for Reach PLC, there were around 50 good business magazines and web portals but over time, this has been reduced to five or six sources from which people are getting their news.

"I see this launch as the opportunity to deliver business life content tailored to the people living here".

He added: "Of course, we will not dial down on our global content, but we aim to go deeper in UK coverage.


As well as traditional news there is a video channel coming including breaking headlines and a weekly news roundup delivered via YouTube and TikTok.

The content will include stories about British CEOs, entrepreneurs, and breaking headlines.

Fort continued: "As you would expect we will have coverage of those that are hiring and those that are firing in the UK, but we also want to give a voice to the thousands of SMEs that make up post-Brexit Britain while also giving an excellent insight into the big guns from the FTSE100".

In the last six months, WhatJobs News has seen traffic grow by 6,000 percent with more than 25,000 subscribers coming on board from outside the USA with the United Kingdom being the largest of these. has seen 70 percent growth in ad sales in Great Britain since the beginning of the year, the strongest of any country outside of the United States of America.

Company founder Alexander Paterson added: "The investment we are making in news content reflects our dedication to providing our audience meaningful resources and not just the usual 'evergreen' content our competition offers to their jobseekers and advertisers.

"We are also highly optimistic about post-Brexit Britain and the nation's future and are here to support its economic growth".

If you are a British business with a story to share to say, please contact Hugh Fort using

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