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Amazon proposes French employees a year’s pay to quit voluntarily


The world's largest online retailer, Amazon, is attempting to lay off thousands of employees across the European Union by promising French employees up to a year's pay in exchange for their resignation.

Bloomberg claims that the online store is encouraging senior management to voluntarily leave their positions in exchange for large payoffs.

Due to more stringent labour standards in Europe, some big firms, including Amazon and Google, are finding it challenging to make personnel reductions.

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Google plans to let off 12,000 employees as a result of a slowdown in its digital advertising.

As the pandemic-fueled e-commerce boom waned, Amazon also announced two rounds of layoffs, laying off 18,000 employees in January and another 9,000 last month.


Since mass layoffs are not prohibited by local employment regulations, the computer titans have already fired a large number of US employees.

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Prior to carrying out employment cuts, Google is now in negotiations with employee work councils in France and Germany.

The internet giant will also let go of some 500 of its 8,000 employees in the UK, according to the union Unite.

“We have been working carefully and individually through each country where reductions are taking place to fully adhere to local legal requirements, which vary per location, are complex, and take time,” a Google spokesperson told Bloomberg.

According to, 42,000 tech industry professionals across Europe lost their jobs in the first three months of 2023.

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