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10 Weird Business Ideas That Proved To Be Brilliant

A cat cafe in Tokyo

Starting a business is really hard, and thousands of start-ups fail not long after being started.

Around 90 percent of startups face failure, with 10 percent ceasing operations within their first year.

And it doesn't get any easier, around 70 percent are unable to sustain business beyond two to five years, highlighting the precarious nature of startup longevity​​.

It takes real guts to go at it alone, and even more guts to start a business that many people might look at and raise an eyebrow.

But people are innovators, and some have followed their passion to create both their own businesses and new genres of business.

Here are 10 weird business ideas that have become successful.

Professional Cuddling Service

In places like Japan and the United States, professional cuddling services offer non-sexual cuddling sessions to customers looking for some warmth and human connection.


This service allows you to rent chickens for a season to experience backyard egg farming without a long-term commitment.

It's a way for people to try out chicken keeping before fully investing in it.

Cat Cafes

Originating in Taiwan and gaining popularity in Japan and around the world, cat cafes are places where people can relax with a hot beverage and enjoy the company of resident cats.

This concept has expanded to include cafes with other animals, like owls and even hedgehogs.

Pet Rocks

A classic example of a bizarre yet successful business, the Pet Rock was a 1970s fad where people purchased smooth stones as pets.

The rocks came in custom cardboard boxes, complete with straw and breathing holes.

An advantage was low food costs and medical bills, although you didn't get much in terms of affection.

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Glacier Sales

Companies like Alaskan Glacial Ice Co. harvest and sell glacier ice for premium beverages.

The appeal lies in the purity and novelty of drinking water that is thousands of years old.

Edible Insect Farms

With the growing interest in sustainable and alternative protein sources, some businesses have started farming insects for human consumption.

These farms produce everything from cricket flour to chocolate-covered ants.

Professional Line Standing Service

In cities with lots of demand for the latest gadgets or congressional hearings, people can hire others to stand in line for them.

This service is particularly popular for product launches and Black Friday sales.

Eternal Reefs

Combining a cremation urn, ash scattering, and burial at sea, this company creates a concrete reef structure with the cremains of loved ones.

These reefs contribute to marine conservation efforts while memorializing the deceased.

Synthetic Wishbones

For those who don't want to miss out on the tradition of breaking a wishbone but face a shortage (or are vegetarians), companies create synthetic, breakable wishbones.

The company is called Lucky Break Wishbone, founded by Seattle businessman Ken Ahroni.

It makes synthetic turkey wishbones sold in family packs, catering to large gatherings or those who prefer not to use real turkey bones​​.

It seems crazy there is demand for this, but there is.


This company makes and sells protective eyewear for dogs, known as "Doggles."

These not only protect dogs' eyes from the sun but also from wind and debris during activities like motorcycle rides.

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