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Dropbox Boss Says CEOs “Mashing The Go Back To 2019 Button” Over Office Return

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Dropbox boss Drew Houston has accused CEOs of "Mashing The Go Back To 2019 Button" as they attempt to get staff back into offices.

Houston, the CEO and co-founder of the cloud storage company, criticized other leaders for their insistence on getting people back into office spaces.

Dropbox has 2,600 staff, 90 percent of which work remotely.

Speaking to The Verge, Houston compared the efforts of companies like Amazon and Apple as outdated concepts, similar to people returning to cinemas or malls after the pandemic.

In a recent interview with The Verge, he said: "We will support however they want to gather.

She said retreats and off-sites are often more effective than daily commutes.

He said: "They keep mashing the go back to 2019 button, and they see it's not working.

"Then they just push harder, and then you have this really toxic relationship."

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He went on to point out the past ease of getting people to the office was due to lack of alternatives, a concept he feels many CEOs today fail to grasp.

In response to the shift in work preferences, Dropbox adopted a "virtual first" model in April 2020 after studying remote-first companies.

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