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How Super Bowl LVIII Could Pump More Than $1 Billion Into Las Vegas Economy

The Allegiant Stadium

The Allegiant Stadium

The Super Bowl circus is set to hit the most extravagant city in the U.S - Las Vegas.

Sunday's clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers is serious business and will see the Allegiant Stadium full to its 65,000 capacity.

The global TV audience is predicted to be more than 110 million.

But the Super Bowl is actually much more than a football game - it's an event that provides an incredible economic boost to its host city.

The majority of the 65,000 fans will need places to stay and restaurants to eat in, and shops to go to.

The result of winning the Super Bowl match leads to huge job creation and income.

According to Business Insider, the 2024 event could generate as much as $1.1 billion for the region.

Job Creation

The event creates thousands of jobs.

Some are temporary roles looking after the many tourists, and some are permanent.

They include a range of sectors, including:

  • Event Management and Operations: From logistics coordinators to event planners, a significant workforce is required to manage the complex details of Super Bowl events and festivities.
  • Hospitality and Tourism: Hotels, restaurants, and local attractions will have to hire additional staff to accommodate the influx of visitors.
  • Security and Public Safety: Enhanced security measures mean hiring more security personnel, police officers, and first responders to ensure the event's safety.
  • Construction and Infrastructure: Temporary structures for events, as well as potential upgrades to local infrastructure, create jobs in the construction industry.
  • Retail: Local retailers may hire extra staff to manage increased customer traffic during the event period.

The event itself also needs an army of staff, including:

  • Event Coordinators and Volunteers: Individuals who oversee various aspects of the event, from VIP experiences to fan festivals.
  • Technology and IT Specialists: Professionals to manage digital infrastructure, ensuring seamless ticketing, communications, and broadcasting.
  • Marketing and Public Relations: Teams to promote the event, engage with media, and handle social media interactions.
  • Transportation and Logistics Experts: To manage the increased demand on public transport systems and ensure efficient traffic flow.

There are some negatives

Hosting the Super Bowl is undoubtedly going to give a city a massive economic boost.

However, some economists argue it's difficult to gauge the real impact.

For example, some experts say the event will drive people in the city to stay away while the event is being held.

There is also a feeling a lot of the money spent will go to national chains rather than local businesses.

Nonetheless, hosting the Super Bowl offers significant economic and employment opportunities for the host city, drawing attention to its capacity to manage large-scale events and potentially boosting its profile on a national stage.

Despite the debates surrounding the exact economic impact, the event undeniably creates a wide range of job opportunities.

There's no question it stimulates local economies, and as cities vie for the chance to host future Super Bowls, the promise of economic upliftment and community engagement remains a compelling draw.

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