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Twitter facing lawsuits over $14 million in unpaid bills


Elon Musk says Twitter is “trending to breakeven" after bankruptcy warnings

Twitter is facing numerous lawsuits over $14 million in unpaid bills.

The Wall Street Journal reports Elon Musk’s social media giant faces a number of suits from companies providing services like advertising, data analytics and content moderation.

One of the plaintiffs is Revcontent LLC, a digital advertising company that is claiming more than $3.5 million.

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Another is Appen Limited, which is seeking more than $2.9 million for work done in data analytics and content moderation.

None of the suits has been held yet.

Van Conway, a restructuring expert who has helped distressed companies for almost 40 years, said: “What Elon Musk is doing is basically simulating a bankruptcy.

“He is taking a machete to his costs.”

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Three of the U.S. lawsuits involve office space, including the company’s headquarters in San Francisco.

The landlord of claims Twitter has not paid almost $6.8 million in rent payments for December and January. 

Musk has just won a lawsuit where it was claimed false tweets about a takeover lost investors billions of dollars.

He now says Twitter is “trending to breakeven” after his takeover and drastic cost-cutting measures.

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