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7 Unbelievably Boring Jobs

A bored worker sleeps at her desk

Unfortunately, sometimes there are jobs that you're not going to like, and some are quite incredibly boring.

Although, as the old saying goes "someone's got to do it."

But there's having a boring job, and then there are the jobs on this list that seem so unutterably tedious it's almost funny - providing you're not the one doing the work.

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Pork scratching spotter

Firstly, what does a pork-scratching spotter do?


Their job is to sit there five days a week, eight hours a day, and sit there making sure no hairy pork scratchings (cracklings in America) make it into the packaging.

That's quite literally it.

It couldn't get more boring than that, but money is money.

A frozen pea tester

Yes, this is a real job.

The job is in the name.

Someone has to sit there for days on end, checking that the temperature of frozen peas is correct.

Tablet picker

You will need a great deal of patience for a role like this.

The job is that someone needs to sit and ensure no broken pills/tablets get into the final packaging.

As you can imagine, a job like this can get boring quickly - and they nearly always break when you're getting them out of the packaging anyway.

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Night Security Guard

This one isn't for people who need their beauty sleep.

A night security guard has to stay all night, every night.

They have to be sharp and alert.

They often find themselves working alone and spend their time wondering around a spooky empty office.

Envelope Stuffer

Imagine how many letters are sent across the world daily.

The answer is a lot.

This job involves sitting down, putting letters in envelopes,sealing them and ensuring the address is correct.

We are talking about thousands of letters a week.

You better get headphones in for this job to keep your brain going.

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Social Media "Likers"

When you pay for your posts to get more likes on social media, someone has to sit there and go through posts all day and like them.

This job will be ideal if you're a social media fan, but your finger might ache by the end of the day - and you probably won't be that interested in social media outside of work hours.

Sewing clothes

It will not be a job now as technology has advanced and there are machines for the job.

However, once upon a time, this had to all be done by hand.

Someone would have to hand sew every single clothing item or blanket.

It takes a talented and patient person for a job like that.

It requires a lot of skill and a lot of concentration, but might get a little dull.

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