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Managerial role comes up at London-based billionaire-run football club

Chelsea FC are looking for a new manager

A highly-paid opportunity has come up at a top London sports club owned by an American billionaire.

Located in the exclusive Stamford Bridge area, the ideal candidate will need experience in managing sports teams.

Chelsea FC has been highly successful and pressure will be on the candidate to hit the ground running.


Any candidates with experience of working in Europe and dealing with difficult staff will be at an advantage in the interview process.

The winning candidate is likely to receive a very competitive salary with generous bonuses.


Candidates are warned instant success is expected and that the board is unlikely to be overly patient if the current situation is not resolved very quickly.

Applicants are warned they may find themselves working in hostile environments where they might experience conflict with others in similar roles.

The former holder of the role Thomas Tuchel won the Champion's League, Super Cup and Club World Cup, and his successor will have to meet similar expectations.

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A statement from the club said:

"On behalf of everyone at Chelsea FC, the Club would like to place on record its gratitude to Thomas and his staff for all their efforts during their time with the Club.

"Thomas will rightly have a place in Chelsea’s history after winning the Champions League, the Super Cup and Club World Cup in his time here. 

"As the new ownership group reaches 100 days since taking over the Club, and as it continues its hard work to take the club forward, the new owners believe it is the right time to make this transition. 

"Chelsea’s coaching staff will take charge of the team for training and the preparation of our upcoming matches as the Club moves swiftly to appoint a new head coach. 

"There will be no further comment until a new head coach appointment is made."

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