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7 of the strangest jobs in the world

Milking a snake

Not all jobs revolve around sitting in an office or remote working at home.

In fact, some are quite odd indeed.

Here are some of the strangest jobs in the world.

Professional Sleeper

Getting paid to sleep sounds like a dream right? (Excuse the pun).

Well, believe it or not, there are hotels that hire professional sleepers to test their beds' comfort.

These professionals sleep in a different bed every night and provide feedback on their sleeping experience.

While this may sound like the perfect job, it requires a great deal of attention to detail and excellent writing skills.

Snake Milker

Ophidiophobia is an extreme fear of snakes, and not something you'd be able to do this job with - apologies to Indiana Jones.

A snake milker is a scientist who extracts venom from snakes for pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and zoos.

The earning potential for a snake milker can be up to $5,000 per month, making it a lucrative career.

The downside is the very high chance you're going to get bitten by a highly venomous reptile.

One person who does this is the owner and director of Kentucky Reptile Zoo, Jim Harrison.

He confesses that he’s been bitten so much that he’s forgotten how many times but says he’s been ‘envenomed’ nine times.

He’s also been put on life support four times after being bitten.

You can see why the pay is so good.

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Odor Judge

Odor judges can earn $35,000 a year for deciding whether deodorants and antiperspirants smell good or not.

Two vital things you need are a strong sense of smell and a good memory.

Professional Mourner

In some countries, it's normal to hire professional mourners whose job it is to weep and lament at funerals.

This role pays up to $60,000 but can be emotionally difficult.

Iceberg Mover

Note: People in places like the UK might have to relocate for this role.

In fact, most of the work is in the wilderness of Antarctica.

It involves using tugboats to tow massive icebergs out of shipping lanes.

Anyone who is keen on this can expect physically demanding work, and should enjoy working out doors. Warm clothes are advised.

The salary is between $45,000 to $80,000.

Saving cash should be easy as there aren't many things to spend it on in Antarctica.

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Waterslide Tester

Waterslides are great fun, but need to be safe.

And that's where the testers come in.

Your job would essentially be repeatedly going down the slides to test their safety.

The salary is $40,000 a year - and the job might not be as fun in the winter.

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Crime Scene Cleaner

You might need a strong stomach for this, as the role is as it sounds, cleaning up crime scenes.

It means cleaning violent crimes, car crashes and deaths.

Unsurprising, you need to be tough emotionally and have great attention to detail.

Pay is $35,000 to $80,000 a year.

Image: _paVan_ (Flickr) 

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