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One pound notes, Fuse Bars and phones with keyboards: Iconic British products people want back

One pound note

One pound note

We have all heard the saying that all good things come to an end, right?

But nothing can take their place if you’re referring to a product you used to love.

We can’t do much to bring any of them back, but we can reminisce the memories.


Cadbury’s Fuse Bar

Cadbury is a British multinational confectionery company.

It is the second-largest confectionery brand in the world after Mars.

In 2006, it decided to discontinue its iconic Fuse Bar.

Living up to its name, the chocolate bar is 70 percent chocolate with a mix of nuts, crisp cereal raisins, and fudge pieces.

Customers loved it so much so that once it was even promoted to the Miniature Heroes selection box.

Cadbury teased us in 2015 on Halloween when it brought the Fuse Bar back as a limited edition over the holidays.

The one-pound note

In 1988 the one-pound note was withdrawn and replaced by the one-pound coin.

It must still be missed by many of the older generations as it was convenient, light, and easy to find in your purse.

People would much rather have 50 one-pound notes than coins, and you were far less likely to lose it in the sofa.

Another pro for the one-pound note was that it was considerably more difficult to make fake versions of it.

Did you know around 20 percent of £1 coins in circulation today are frauds?

You can buy one-pound notes from Amazon, where they are classed as a collector’s item.

The reason it was discontinued it was due to its short life-span.

Money-back bottles

As a kid in the 1970s, when you bought a glass of pop and finished it, you could take it back to the shop and get a partial cash refund.

This was made so the chance of people throwing away the bottles as litter was a lot less – an early example of recycling.

It would always encourage people to pick up any bottles they found from parks, hedges, and gardens to supplement their pocket money.

By the 1980s, this was stopped as the prices of cheap, disposable plastic bottles increased.

With the seas and rivers filling up with plastic, it would be an excellent time to bring it back.

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Phones with keyboards

Remember the BlackBerry phase in the early 2010s, when everyone thought it was the most fantastic phone around?

While the BlackBerry’s blinking red lights and cool games are well in the past, people who find it challenging to use a touchscreen miss those clickable keyboards.

In 2016 BlackBerry discontinued all their mobile phones.

And while Chinese manufacturer TCL has taken up the brand, its devices should be more sophisticated so it’s unlikely to be making an appearance in phone shops any time soon.

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