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Piers Morgan on his “mind-numbing” job and Bob Geldof on the “brutal” pop industry

Bored businessman rests head on laptop

Piers Morgan has revealed how bored he used to get while working

"If you've worked hard and you want something that'll make you happy, buy it. Life is short. You're not harming anyone. It's important to enjoy the money you've earned; you can't take it with you."

Candice Brown, a winner of the Great British Bake Off, quoted in The Sunday Times.

"It was so mind- numbingly dull. I just used to hate it.

"I was earning a lot of money at the time about £150 a week or something.

"Back in the 1980s, for a teenager, that was a lot of money.

"And I could have taken that, and probably would have made a very good life in underwriting or whatever.

"But I would have been bored senseless."

Chat-show host Piers Morgan in Press Gazette.

"I hired Boris Johnson to be my motoring correspondent in May 1999.

"I took him to Le Caprice for lunch and offered him £1 a word for a monthly 1,000-word column in the magazine l'd just become editor of GQ... I once worked out that, over the decade he worked for GQ, Boris had cost us about £4,000 in parking tickets.

" But then he'd also written more than 100 funny motoring columns, so I figured it was worth it."

Dylan Jones, former men's magazine GQ editor, was quoted in The Times.

"That's it? It's over? Had the best years of my life already passed? I was 30. What a brutal business pop music is."

Singer Bob Geldof on the fickleness of the music business, quoted in The Guardian.

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