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Activities Director

Make plans for events that will take place during your free time. In addition, it is expected that they will assess individual interests, conceive relevant activities, and ensure that the essential resources are available.

Collaborating with staff and clinicians to better understand how activities can help people heal and feel connected.
Needs evaluations are conducted to determine physical, cognitive, and emotional capacities.
Identifying an individual’s leisure interests and expectations.
Identifying and monitoring the utilization of available funds.
Creating an activity program that is both diverse and responsive to the needs of our residents.
Recruiting, training, and supervising Activities Assistants.

High school diploma or its equivalent is required.
Appropriate training and/or certification are really beneficial.
Demonstrated experience as a director of activities for a similar organization.
Computer proficient with a strong understanding of budgeting software.
Skills in program development, event organization, and supervision.
Positive, communicative, and compassionate personality.
Committed to promoting happiness and pleasure