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Android Developer

Writing efficient and clean code for Android applications. Monitoring the performance of live apps and working on code optimization. Recognizing and resolving bottlenecks, fixing bugs, and improving application performance.

Utilize external data sources and APIs.
Use your natural technical inventiveness to solve complex issues
Design and develop complex Android applications.
Maximize development efficiency and continue to explore, analyze and deploy new technologies.
To define, design and upgrade new features
Collaborate with cross-functional teams.
Fixing bugs and increasing the performance of the application
Assist in the maintenance of code quality, organization and automation.
Creating high-quality code from designs and wireframes.
In a small, informal team setting, collaborate closely with the other engineers.
Maintaining and creating any primary app features that are required.
Unit-test code for robustness, usability and overall dependability.
Ensure that the applications have the best possible performance, quality and responsiveness.
Create high-performance, reusable and dependable Java code and maintain it.
Contribute to the product’s development, mission and success.

Thorough understanding of Android API capabilities at various levels, as well as framework components and lifecycles.
Experience with ARM-based CPUs and microcontrollers.
WMS, WFS and WCS standards must be familiar to you.
Know how to work with SCM tools (ideally git).
Video buffer management, so skills such as video frame stitching, video pipeline plugins development, GPU drivers and frame synchronization.
Ability to use Android SDK and Java at a high level.
Working knowledge of CI/CD tools and techniques.
Experience with native Android hardware protocols, such as the BLE stack and the Android USB Accessory stack (i.e. ). Network and data caching. RF-based protocols, such as NFC and BLE.
Operating knowledge of third-party libraries and APIs.
Material design ideas and interface requirements are well-understood among Google employees. As a consumer and developer, obsessive love for Android.
Adding applications to the Google Play store.