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How to Find Online Writing Jobs


There are billions of websites, many of which feature a range of innovative and fascinating articles. 

People around the world spend hours and hours reading online articles on a wide range of subjects. 

And each of those articles needs a writer. 

News articles, blog posts, web articles, journals, E-books, and online magazines educate, inform and entertain readers. 

If you are writing on these online platforms, it will maintain content flow and helps retain readers, resulting in more readership.

On the other hand, these platform owners may feel overburdened with actively and consistently creating online content.

This means they are often looking for freelance writing services from talented self-employed writers.

The Advantages of Online Writing

The main worry with online writing jobs is the lack of consistency they provide, particularly for novices. 

You can develop consistency and a regular income if your work has pleased a client, but that might take a while.

You might acquire new contracts, referrals, or a favorable rating from the same client, causing other clients to choose you.

Steady employment by connecting with other online writers with many projects is also a possibility.

Working on a few projects that make you a lot of money as an expert is doable.

Taking a couple of similar projects simultaneously could elevate you to the ranks of the top writers because learning is a never-ending process. 

However, it’s important not to overload yourself as you will end up losing contracts if you can’t meet your deadlines due to having too much on. 

This is a flexible job, just like other remote work, where you need a laptop, a good internet connection, and yourself.

It means you can work at a holiday resort, on the train, at home, or in bed.

Dedication, hard work, and a strong desire to learn more will get you there. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to online writing.

Different Types of Online Writing Jobs

If you’re starting freelance writing, you might feel a bit swamped.

If it comes to freelancing, there is a lot to think about, mainly what type of job you want to do. 

These days, there are several types of freelance writing jobs accessible.

For a freelance job seeker, it can be anything like a magazine article, a social media post, or even an email newsletter.

We’ve compiled a guide to the most frequent forms of freelance writing gigs, along with suggestions on how to get them.

Web Content Writing

Writing on the web offers its own set of challenges and possibilities.

Website microscopy, social media posts, blogs, white papers, and articles are all examples of online content.

Within those broad categories, web content is also classified by specialty.

You may specialize in finance, marketing, technology, entertainment, or healthcare, or you could be a generalist who uses your fantastic research abilities to create content about any topic.

When you’re writing for the web, your client’s ultimate goal is to attract people to a site or promote a product, or maybe both.

Even when you’re writing about the significance of regularly grooming your cat, your ultimate goal is to attract readers.

A skilled freelance online content writer fulfills deadlines, follows web copy best practices, skilfully blends keywords into compelling text, and adheres to word counts.

A competent online content writer accomplishes all this while creating captivating, relevant, and instructive material that attracts people to the website.

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Technical Writing

Although it falls under online content writing, being a technical writer requires specialized knowledge.

Consider yourself a technical writer with a background in a specialist discipline like medicine, fitness, engineering, or data science.

Writers produce product manuals, SOPs, and assessment reports in this discipline for other specialists in their industry. 

Other areas include legal papers, business plans, grant proposal writing, training material, and syllabus.

Technical writing is a right fit for people who naturally compose more formally and are skilled at arranging material, workflow, and data.

You simplify complex technical statements, instructions, and methods for the ordinary reader to grasp.

Technical writing is an excellent place to start if you can convey complicated problems in simple terms.

Academic Writing

Specialists create educational content. 

These writers provide well-researched information with relevant verified sources.

They also create educational materials.

These can be web lessons and tutorials, standardized test questions or teaching materials, textbooks, and online courses like real estate or insurance license exam courses.

Though some businesses employ writers to manage course creation and writing, others depend on professionals in the relevant fields of study to write the material, which is then put into the course platform once completed.

Newspaper or Periodical Writer

Newspapers and periodicals, both print and online, have generally paid for part-time or full-time writing jobs. 

Still, the internet has made it simpler for freelance journalists to pitch their work to certain publications on time, drastically altering the news writing environment.

Newspapers and magazines are organized into sections that feature various material.

As quickly as possible after an incident, news writers tell readers the information surrounding it. 

The writer of a news item must be as impartial and neutral as possible.

Editorial writers, on the contrary hand, get paid just for their views. 

For readers, editorials evaluate or analyze economic, political, and other current affairs.

Human interest narratives are often the center of feature pieces. In addition, numerous magazines pay writers to write reviews on books, movies, and music.


Transcription is the process of converting video and audio into written text.

It is the process of reproducing the contents of an audio-visual in the text without affecting the meaning.

 You write the sentences and words in the order they appear.

You can make minor changes, but the main thing is to incorporate punctuation marks whenever possible . 

Transcription is often used in movie subtitles and audiobooks.

The goal of transcribing is to improve knowledge storage and comprehension, as well as to assist persons who cannot hear or read.

How to Find Online Writing Jobs

Cold Pitching

You are cold pitching when you approach a website owner, firm, small business, or blogger regarding your services without solicitation.

When you approach clients directly, there is far less competition, and you have a higher chance of winning a project. Although it is a game of numbers, a well-crafted pitch might earn you a writing gig.

You might have to undertake a lot of outreach to gain a response.

Do considerable research on the journal or website to improve your chances of a successful cold pitch. Get familiarized with the content type and flow of the client.

Before submitting a pitch, connect with the potential client on social media. 

They may identify you if you opt to acquire a polished and cold pitch by email.

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Warm Pitching

Though cold pitching is a straightforward method of obtaining a job, warm pitching is more indirect and time-consuming.

It allows you to engage with and build relationships with companies and brands before applying for jobs. Find a firm with a website in your field and connect them on social media to start warm pitching.

Try to identify yourself as an expert in the field and monitor their actions.

Engage with their postings when you see anything of interest or wish to create a friendship.

This will eventually put you on the firm’s radar.

Job Boards

There are currently several job portals where clients advertise various projects.

If you are beginning and have few relationships in the sector, this may be the best way to get started. 

There are dozens more, and some are entirely focused on specific niches.

When you’ve settled on a niche, you may search Google to identify job boards that are a good fit for you.

You’ll be able to uncover numerous writing jobs, ranging from publishers searching for full-time remote writers to postings for specific jobs where you’ll be given one project to do.

You may sort results according to your specific requirements when searching for writing jobs and search for writing jobs by sector, salary, experience level, job title, etc. 

Setting up job alerts to keep up with the latest writing opportunities is also a smart idea.

Utilize Your Network

Building relationships is vital in any job, but it is critical in freelancing writing.

You can use prior companies and colleagues who have moved about in the sector to help them get their first anchor customer.

If you want to make contacts, join groups on social media where you may find possible writing gigs, stable work, and clients who will employ or recommend you to work.

You could also connect with other writers who can refer you to work.

Also try to network with relatives, friends, and coworkers.

You should notify your old colleagues about your new job.

This will be useful if they can give you a reference or letter of recommendation. 

Create a Website

You must have a good website to present to clients if you want to establish yourself as a freelance writer. 

Your professional website visually represents your writing abilities and is a vital tool for raising awareness of your brand identity.

Your professional website not only allows clients to find you online quickly but also helps you boost your likability. 

But you’ll also have to figure out how to get people to visit your website.

Write appealing content, market your site and services on social media, establish a newsletter, and do whatever it takes to appear in search results and gain more readers.

Guest Posting

Guest posting entails creating content for another blog.

Although you will not be paid, guest writing for free will benefit you in the long term.

Thousands of people will notice your writing if you write a guest post to a prominent blog or website.

This can improve your web visibility and increase your chances of attracting great clientele.

The blog owner for whom you are writing may connect to your website, boosting traffic and enhancing your chances of earning online writing jobs. You could receive more than a link.

If the site is well-read, your article may receive a lot of attention.

Prospective clients seeking freelance writers will benefit from this. Your portfolio will grow, progressively revealing greater freelance writing assignments and chances.

To begin, look for sites in your niche that accept guest postings.

Interact with the blog owners, look for their social media handles to network with them, and start communicating. Once you’ve established rapport with them, approach them and propose to write a guest article for their site.

Be careful to adhere to any guest blog pitching requirements on their website.

Make Connections with Content Agencies

Working for a copywriting agency may be the ideal option if you are seeking a consistent source of paid writing tasks but are still looking for them.

Content companies frequently work with large brands and small businesses that require written material, and that’s where you come in.

You apply to a copywriting agency to enter its group of freelance writers and land your new job.

Writing or working for a content agency implies you will not have to find individual works independently.

An editor will give you work, and you will compose for various clients from different categories. Yet, these agencies are frequently the go-between for you and the direct clientele.

This implies that after deducting their portion of the client’s price, these agencies may compensate you less.

Build a Portfolio

Your portfolio acts as your freelancing resume and comprises samples of your writing.

It assists you in demonstrating your trustworthiness and knowledge to prospective clients. 

Most freelance writers start their careers by creating blogs,

Choose a specialty or one that you are knowledgeable about.

Publish multiple meaningful entries to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject and ability to generate fantastic content.

These pieces will be an essential component of your portfolio, which you may use to win works on freelance writing anywhere.

On the plus side, regular blogging is an excellent strategy to generate users or traffic to your site.

Skills Required to Become an Online Writer


Content writers have to be able to adjust their tone and style to meet the needs of each customer.

The writer must comprehend their target audience entirely and be able to change the language and approach they utilize accordingly.

Based on the goal of the material, authors may need to organize their work to focus on giving the readers precise information or offering a call to action.

If the goal is to generate sales, the content will vary from what they would write for a science research blog.

Adaptability assists authors in learning and mastering a variety of writing styles, which eventually gives value.

Time Management

Your clients need you to meet certain deadlines.

Sending high-quality articles on time demonstrates that you are competent and dependable. 

This implies effective time management is vital for determining how many tasks you can take, decline, and deliver on schedule.

You can effectively manage time to meet all deadlines while maintaining quality. 

This involves keeping track of the time spent conducting research, drafting, and editing.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Mastering SEO as a writer is critical to ensuring your work is found easily.

Content writers must be able to stay current with trends and modify approaches as needed to guarantee that their articles rank well in search engines.

Matching your content with the most popular search results may boost its visibility to your company’s target audience.

To increase the value of your material, check the rich excerpt and other top-ranking articles on search engines.


Regardless of the subject, writers should constantly strive to produce unique material. Content writers must be able to use research to create intriguing and relevant information for readers. By portraying their website as a reputable and credible source of information, original material has a good influence on readers.


Communication skills help you express your message to your target audience properly.

It is critical for effective marketing to be able to transmit information to readers.

Clear communication skills for writers are essential, whether it is content for narrative or a call-to-action after a sales pitch.


Content writers should recognize that a significant portion of their job entails extraordinary self-editing abilities. 

This encompasses all from checking for repeated words and spelling errors to trimming things up to improve the flow of the article.

Read your work aloud to look for typos, grammatical mistakes, repetition, and overused words. 

Then make changes to improve the quality of your article.

Knowledge of Social Media

You may uncover narrative ideas for your content by analyzing social media networks.

Examining your company’s previous articles lets you understand which material was most popular with readers.

Examine your firm’s social media profiles for ideas for future content and to forecast how well it will do.

Final thoughts 

There are many internet writing jobs available, but that doesn’t imply it’s simple.

It is challenging to get paid writing jobs.

It takes a lot of work to begin a freelancing profession.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

It is totally feasible. 

Thanks to the suggestions and resources in this post, you are now equipped with information.

You know what measures to take to prepare, where to find opportunities that aren’t advertised, and you have a long list of freelance writing job portals from which to choose.

All that remains is for you to act.

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