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Five Things to Avoid When Beginning a New Job

Everyone expects to make a good start in their new career. It's a great idea to have a strategy for establishing your impression in the first few weeks. Here are some pitfalls that might derail your efforts during your initial months on the job.

What are the mistakes you need to be wary of?

  1. Acting against the company’s culture before analyzing what actually works. Examine the dress code and the manner in which you communicate with your coworkers. Check the timings when staff leaves the office. Learn the norms and then choose your battles intelligently if that is what you want to do.
  1. Isolating yourself and concentrating only on your work. While this may seem like a nice idea, working effectively with your coworkers is part of your job. So mingle with others and get to know them. Meet the decision-makers at your new firm, hence you know who to contact when you have to get something done. Solid internal connections are required to facilitate the smooth functioning of work.
  1. Failure to understand your boss’s expectations. You may have a good understanding of your position, but you must confirm your boss’s expectations. Obtain his/her agreement on the priorities and timeframes.
  1. Keep denying your mistake and trying to defend it. Everyone makes mistakes, especially in a new situation. Accept your fault, make a mental note not to repeat it, and move on.
  1. Not keeping pace with your networking and not regularly updating your resume. Jobs especially corporate ones are not permanent. Unless you are ready to retire, you will be seeking another job. Maintain a strong network and continue to add achievements to your resume.

By observing these simple tips and starting the job, you can make great progress. Note that whatever good measures you do, just one wrong move can change the impression that has on you. So act wisely and you will eventually achieve your loftiest ambitions.


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