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Advice for Employers

Find resources on matters relating to employment and staff management at no cost.

Not only employees need employment advice, employers also always search for useful advice. Here you will find guidance on recruitment, employee health, workplace safety, managing your team and key legal matters.


What Jobs - Home and office working advice

Home and office working advice

Working remotely has become prominent since the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020. Many people sent home from their offices have never gone back. This presents a challenge for management as they are unable to have face-to-face conversations with their staff, as well as facing other issues. Our experts have put together advice for companies on how to manage staff who are working at home.

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What Jobs - Recruitment Advice

Recruitment Advice

Every company wants to get the best staff to help improve its business. This means you need to have good recruitment policies and strategies in place. Our experts have put together best material for recruiters on how to get the best new hires from often considerably large volume of job applications including how to work effectively with staffing agencies. We provide guidance on best information technology software programs in recruitment and sources to links for job descriptions.

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What Jobs - Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

Here you can find a breakdown of all the major career fields, with detailed and compelling job description tips for select job titles to help the hiring manager to recruit the most qualified candidates

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What Jobs - Employee Health

Employee Health

Staff's mental health has become hugely important over the last decade, which means employers have to have a far greater awareness of the factors which have impact at work. Our experts have put together advice for employers on how to provide workplace safety for their staff and what to do if they do become ill.

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What Jobs - Managing Your Team

Managing Your Team

Managing people is not easy and a good manager with a good leadership style is a massive boost for any company. Our experts have put together a range of advice for managers and people moving into management on how to motivate and look after co workers. Find advice on team building, setting goals and long term professional development of your team with a clear vision for building trust and success of the company.

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Career Progression

One of the best ways of keeping good people is to offer them the chance to develop and progress. Our team has put together advice to provide information for employers on how to ensure staff are able to develop and progress as they become more experienced.

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What Jobs - Document Writing

Document Writing

Companies need a range of documentations. From employee starting guides, to how to operate software, to legal documentation. Our experts have put together a wide range of tips with advice based on department of labor guidance on how to write and make things clear to staff as to what is expected of them.

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What Jobs - Social Media and Your Company

Social Media and Your Company

Social media is now a vital part of promoting a company or brand. Social media managers have become a vital role even in small businesses. Our experts have looked at just what is needed to make the most of social media, and how to deal with any problems.

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