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Customer Care Manager

Improving customer service, generating engaged customers, and facilitating organic growth.

Conduct a thorough Quality Inspection of completed units after the Project Manager has signed them off.
Developing a strong relationship with each customer beginning with the contract exchange and continuing with regular customer updates.
If there are reoccurring ongoing concerns with a particular supplier or subcontractor, provide proactive feedback to the Group Commercial Manager.
Ensure that the Customer Care Operative submits a weekly timesheet that is correct and detailed.
Working closely with the Project Manager and Customer Care Operative, serve as the primary point of contact for Customer Care on site.
When contracts are completed, contact the customer to congratulate them and arrange for payment.
Check and collect the plots’ fully completed Handover Boxes as well as the necessary documentation.
To comment on the acceptability of the selected subcontractors after receiving the Subcontractor or Materials Supplier Tender List for assessment.
Make sure the Project Manager has a fully completed copy of the Trade Inspection Request Forms.
Contact the consumer at the time of exchange to explain the Customer Care team’s role.
To engage with subcontractors proactively, ensuring that remedial work is completed promptly and that clients are kept informed of any changes.
Attend Project Build Sales Meetings with the Project/Site Manager and the Sales Executive weekly.

Word, Excel and Email are examples of computer literacy.
Have hands-on experience with the construction process, ideally having worked on a job site.
5+ years of construction or Customer Care Management experience.
Experience working with listed structures is preferred but not required.
Experience managing a team and a thorough understanding of health and safety regulations are required.
Be conscious of your financial situation (cost management).
A valid driver’s license is required for transport between venues.