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Environmental Advisor

Ensuring construction projects comply with environmental regulations and objectives, either as a company or governmental objective. Environmental Advisors also strategically plan ways to minimize pollution in either air, water and soil pollution or by reducing material waste and environmentally disposing of any waste that is produced.

Ensuring environmental compliance and sustainability.
Provide solutions and improvements to a company’s environmental impact issues
Assist in obtaining and delivering on-site building certification from local government
Conducting site inspections and audits both internally and for the wider supply chain if necessary
Educate and support employees on their environmental duties.
Obtaining, evaluating and analyzing data on the Group’s environmental performance.
Investigation of any environmental accidents.
Keep up to date with any changes in environmental laws from a local to global level

Environmental management knowledge of relevant regulations and best practices.
Delivering training and presentations to a diverse audience
Influencing and good relationship building skills
Secure research and auditing knowledge
Compassion for the environment and sustainability