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Full Stack Applications Developer

Work on a website or application’s front and back end. Implement an end-to-end service and engage in initiatives involving databases and the conception of user-facing websites.

Develop new features for web apps’ front-end and back-end.
Fix bugs and ensure site optimization.
Ensure cross-platform compatibility and optimization.
Be part of the testing and upgrading of applications.
Collaborate with other departments on new features, particularly graphic designers.
Developing APIs.
Understanding technological advances and using it to improve and optimize software.
When developing to always to consider security, maintenance, scalability, etc.
Develop new features for web apps’ front-end and back-end as well as fix bugs and ensure site optimization.
Participate in the planning and estimation efforts that will define the features that will be incorporated in future editions..

Experience developing front-end applications in a modern object-oriented language or framework.
Best practices in software engineering include unit testing, TDD, refactoring, source control management, continuous integration and build processes.
Experience working with agile methodologies.
Experience developing and deploying cloud applications.
Experience with data access, server-side integrations and extensions.
Understanding of modern HTML and CSS, as well as mobile development and responsive layouts.
Comprehension of one or more relational databases.
Proficiency in developing microservices, using software such as Spring Boot.
Capable of working with open-source Java libraries hosted by Apache and Spring.
Familiarity with design patterns and methodologies
Experience with Java programming, including multi-threading concerns.
Knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes, as well as how to use them to build scalable architectures.
Exceptional oral and written presentation skills.