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Geophysical Engineer

Conduct seismic surveys to analyze for mining sites to extract natural resources or for environmental information and research. There are 3 areas of expertise in Geophysical Engineering Solid earth, Fluid earth and Upper atmosphere. Extensive travel and irregular hours are involved in this role. Work with engineers to evaluate the best mining techniques to use to extract the resource.

Extensive pre-planing of data collection brief
Data acquisition plan design
Manage the logistics of the necessary seismic equipment ie both procurement and logistics
Test, calibrate and repair seismic equipment
Manage and interpret data collected
Report on collected seismic data through meetings and presentations
Assess potential natural resource yield
Keep updated with new technologies and resource development
Project manage to work within budget, resource and time constraints

Project management skills
Good analytical and problem-solving skills
Flexibility and adaptability
Teamworking skills
Ability to work on-site in sometimes demanding physical conditions to deadlines and under pressure
Areas of expertise will be developed either in material extracted ie ores, minerals, precious gems, water, or gases or relating to the surface and subterranean mining conditions.