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Head of Environmental Services

Responsible for directing and supervising the operational needs of the department. Coordinate the tasks of team leaders and operations managers so serving as a link between the administration and other departments.

All-encompassing operational picture of the project.
Waste management plans and associated innovations are described in detail in the comprehensive waste service regime.
A complete understanding of the company’s finances, payroll and outlook
It’s time to take charge of a prominent multi-
Manage weekly and quarterly reports to important clients and the landlord.

Proven leadership abilities, including the ability to manage a diverse team of managers and subcontractors strategically.
Capability to provide high-quality soft services.
Proven track record of innovation and change implementation.
Management experience with and other Health and Safety policies and procedures.
Capability to establish strong relationships with clients and third-party suppliers.
Ability to develop policy, planning and strategy, as well as identify and implement change where necessary.
Adaptability, including the ability to function effectively in a fast-paced, demanding environment
Understand policy, planning and strategy and how to ensure that all aspects are working correctly.
Outstanding communication abilities.