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Head Teacher

Forms favorable and appropriate learning conditions through the management of a school

Ensuring that all students receive a well-maintained, consistent curriculum from attaining their academic goals.
Provide the best possible support for the well-being of your employees.
Increase the school’s visibility by encouraging active participation from parents and the broader community.
Ensure that pupils benefit from the most acceptable instructional standards, encouraging the highest aspirations.
Have the ability to motivate and inspire students and employees to reach their most significant potential by having vision, passion and enthusiasm.
Every day, you’re in charge of the School’s goals and development.
Focus on education in a broader sense, including what is provided for our youngest students.
Give importance to the quality of education.
Collaborate with the Regional Manager, Chair of Governors and the board to promote and enhance the service’s future growth.
Maintain persistent high expectations. Have the motivation and a straightforward approach for developing high standards of teaching and learning.

Children who are happy and motivated, who accept the high behavioral expectations and have a positive attitude toward their learning.
Improvements in performance data from year to year, with a clear window to incorporate additional improvements and actions before the following inspection cycle.
Governors who are supportive and committed and a parent body that is actively involved in school life.