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Health, Safety & Compliance Officer

Minimize hazardous conditions in the workplace to protect workers’ safety and overall well-being.

Ensure that the company fulfills the legal requirements in all areas of the workplace relating to health, safety, and welfare, including mandated training and reporting.
Ascertain that all health and safety policies, procedures, rules, and regulations are followed and that they are evaluated, updated, and distributed throughout the company when necessary ie when changes are made to a procedure or to a legal requirement
Ensure that all accidents are recorded, investigated, and suggested changes are implemented.
Ensure that safety inspections are conducted, that fire drills and fire alarms are properly tested.
Coordination of the creation of health and safety policies, work systems, and procedures.
Establish a comprehensive program of health and safety inspections, audits, and checks.
Create a well-structured health and safety training program for all employees.

State-specific Health and safety qualifications held and renewed
Ability to work alone but also in a team
Environmental management systems experience or knowledge
Experience with administrative work with a track record of successfully developing, monitoring, and implementing health and safety goals.