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Horticultural assistant

Involve all aspects of the care of plants, shrubs and trees at all stages of their growth.

Prepare the soil and plant crops, trees, or other plants.
Maintain the plants from watering, pruning,
Look out for pests and use preventative methods to minimise their spread, possibly with the use of chemicals.
Vehicle loading and unloading
Maintain and repair irrigation and climate control systems..
Package agricultural products for shipment or further processing.
Provide information and advice to the public regarding the selection, purchase, and care of products.
Advise others on farming or forestry operations, regulations, or equipment.
Graft plants and trees into different rootstock to reduce disease by inserting and tying buds into incisions in rootstock.

Physically fit as this job requires quite a lot of manual labour.
Qualifications needed to handle chemical pesticides.
Self-motivating and able to work unsupervised.
Ability to speak to customers or colleagues to advise them on plant care.