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How to Write a Resignation Letter

When approaching your boss with your resignation, exercise extreme caution – there is a way how to write a resignation letter . 

Despite how bad your experience might have been working for the company, all resignations should be managed professionally.

There is usually a strong reason to look for a new job and want to leave your present job.

The majority of the time it is because your existing workplace environment no longer meets your job requirements.

Here’s how to write a resignation letter.

Stationery is more important than you think when you write a resignation letter

While the writing materials on which you offer your letter of resignation may be the last item on your mind, it is important.

writet your resignation letter on a fresh sheet of white paper that has not been used before.

Don’t hide the detail that you’re leaving your job by writing your conclusion letter on something out of the ordinary. 

Your boss probably won’t appreciate your resignation on a piece of luminous yellow paper. 


List the designation of your line boss, their title, the firm’s name, and lastly, the date on the top left-hand side. 

Omit two lines and start your resignation letter by acknowledging the person with whom you intend to resign.

Content and Tone

The importance of your last impression is equal to that of your first.

It is safe to say that even if you are frantic to give your boss some advice when you leave your job, do not do so.

Never burn connections when resigning.

Keep in mind that the boss you resign from today might be a client you’re trying to sign tomorrow. 

Write your letter with a positive attitude and tone. 

You’ve already decided to improve your current situation, and writing your resignation letter with a hostile tone and a complacent attitude will only aggravate an already delicate situation.