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HR Administrator

Responsible for the organization’s human resources functions Advise employees throughout their careers, including developing training opportunities. Run employee benefits, payroll, and performance management. Act as an advocate for the organization’s diversity and inclusion program.

To collaborate closely with the HR staff to support recruitment campaigns for specific vacancies.
Maintain accurate and up-to-date training plans and history records.
Update any changes to the system’s information.
Assist in the processes of new hires and departures.
Employee files are audited to ensure that the necessary documentation has been acquired to meet Aspire’s safer recruitment standards.
Support for the whole recruitment cycle, from developing job descriptions to scheduling and attending interviews.
Assisting the larger HR team with administrative tasks.
Update personnel data in the HR system in a timely and correct manner.
Upkeep of several internal HR systems.
Job advertisements, interviews, and pre-screening individuals are all part of the recruitment process.
Contribute to all HR lifecycle projects, such as the implementation of systems and processes.
Keeping a record.
expertise with human resources (HR) in finance/banking
Payroll processing monthly.
Absences, benefits, and payroll information are recorded.

Recording data accurately and maintaining computerized filing systems.
HR systems and Microsoft package knowledge.
Customer-centricity and the capacity to identify and respond to coworker needs rapidly.
Resoluteness and the ability to persevere.
Have a Mastery of Microsoft Excel.
Exceptional interpersonal and customer service abilities.
If you’ve worked in an atmosphere where tasks constantly change, you know how stressful it can be.
A high degree of accuracy is essential.
Organized daily duties, with an ability to function in a high-pressure environment
Know all Microsoft Office packages, especially Word, Excel & Outlook.
Work experience in HR/Payroll for at least two years
Microsoft Office applications (Excel in particular) are a requirement.
Experience in human resources.
They should have experience working in the public sector.
Working knowledge of email, excel, and shared drive programs.