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HR Director

Plan, lead, direct, develop, and coordinate the Human Resource (HR) department’s policies, activities, and staff, ensuring legal compliance and the implementation of the organization’s mission and talent strategy.

Developing and implementing the plan in collaboration with company leaders.
Continuous policy development to ensure that procedures are current and compliant with current employment law and best practices.
Developing and implementing change management activities, such as project plans to align processes, systems, and communications.
To maximize employee happiness, you’ll be in charge of cultural transformation and engagement programs.
Within the HR department, there are eight direct line managers.
Analyze the present Salary Sacrifice Scheme and develop strategies to reward and recognize staff more efficiently.
Ensure that quality transactional HR services are provided in partnership with the HR Service Delivery team.
Drive the Talent Management agenda, ensuring that as many career-defining opportunities as feasible are available.
Leading cutting-edge projects, programs, and initiatives in the areas of engagement and culture, human performance, diversity, and inclusion.
Identify employee engagement KPIs and establish a strategic strategy for engagement using best practices.
Defining and refining the company’s culture.
Designing interventions to drive the desired culture and identify capability requirements, providing insight and leadership on change management techniques.

Experience in HR site /multi-site leadership.
Communication skills.
Organizational skills.
People Development.
Experience in HR site / multi-site leadership.
Strong people and team management experience.
In addition to engaging with executives to create and support solid business decisions, data analytics is used to solve complex problems.
Collaboration with professional organizations.
Excellent communication abilities, both written and vocal.
Driving and implementing strategic initiatives has a proven track record.