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Gather, analyze, and save the evidence. Investigate sophisticated illegal activities or violations of local, federal, and state laws.

Take witness statements only when necessary.
Collect evidence related to complaints to identify case plans and ensure that all documentation is kept up to date throughout the process.
Provide data analysis for various cases and an evaluation of the investigations conducted inside the caseload.
Create and implement a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system and casework and quality criteria for the team.
Work with complainants to ensure they receive appropriate support and that any necessary escalation is done.
Create case plans to document crucial evidence gathered throughout the investigation activity.

Decision-making abilities.
Ability to use smart judgment and sensitivity to analyze evidence.
Capable of dealing with complex and sensitive data.
Ability to work alone and take responsibility for your workload.
Resilience and the ability to operate under duress.
Previous investigating experience would be helpful as well.
Strong prioritization abilities.
Communication abilities.
Capable of ensuring the quality of one’s work.
Pays close attention to detail.