Self-employed man celebrates

With all of the discussion of layoffs and budget cuts, is now a good time to be self-employed? 

Maybe it is. If you’re not happy working for someone else, imagine how much more difficult it would be to work solely for your customers and yourself. Who else could potentially treat you right than yourself?

This could be the ideal time to think about going into business for yourself.

Self-employment can be daunting for many individuals since everything is on your shoulders. Is it really that difficult? 

The majority of the issues that businesses face are self-inflicted in some way. 

The marketplace has an impact on an employer’s ability to provide a comfortable financial “nest” for its employees.

However,  this is primarily due to management’s ineffective response to the marketplace. 

And, as an employee, you have little or no say in what management does. You just have to roll with it.

Being self-employed has great rewards

Being your own boss has its rewards. 

You will never have to think about being laid off, having your benefits reduced, or being denied time off that you so richly deserve. Your only boss will be the customer, which you will not mind because the customer is king.

Best of all, as a self-employed individual, you will not be burdened by top leadership or business overhead. Your pay can rise dramatically, and more good work on your part directly translates into a higher financial reward for you. It’s all waiting for those with the fortitude to make it happen as part of America’s small self-employed sector.