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Laboratory Technician

In charge of receiving, testing, analyzing, recording, and reporting the results of their tests. Receiving, labeling, and storing samples to be tested in a secure manner. Identifying and carrying out the tests required for the analysis and report.

Management of test sample intake and disposal, including ensuring that all samples are stored correctly generating and with proper documentation.
Conducts risk assessments and discovers and remedies any safety issues. Corrects and reports hazards in the Lab reports and report to the supervisor as soon as possible.
Makes presentations for internal and external clients.
Manages their job role with the assistance of the Lab Manager.
Assisting other team members with day-to-day laboratory chores and in-house equipment maintenance.
Supervises staff to verify that equipment is clean and incorrect operating order and that lab waste is appropriately disposed of.
Must be able to work with extreme aseptic techniques and be acutely aware.
Ensure that laboratory processes adhere to the required standards.
Maintaining good laboratory practice as well as the highest housekeeping and safety requirements.
Working using specialized equipment to perform tests for the packaging sector.
Planning, developing and carrying out the site’s temperature mapping.
Ensure that the laboratory meets external accreditation standards.
Maintain and review processing procedures to verify that they are in accordance with current legislation.
Handling of samples and upkeep of equipment
Maintain an eye on the communal areas and keep them clean and neat.

Experience in a laboratory is preferred.
You must be able to work well in groups, communicate effectively and be organized.
Microsoft Office is a must-have for anyone who works on a computer.
Outstanding writing and vocal communication abilities.
Knowledge of Lab procedures
Work experience in a university or commercial laboratory.
Flexibility in handling different obligations and activities regularly.
Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs.
Capable of collaborating with other teams and suppliers to achieve results.
Outstanding attention to detail.
Bachelor’s in biotechnology/pharmaceutical research is required.