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Marketing Manager

Responsible for managing the advertising and positioning of a brand or the products and services sold by a company

Lead marketing campaigns, ensuring return on investment (ROI).
Management of targeted internet and brand promotions.
Contacting and negotiating with event organizers, investigating new prospects.
Having a good understanding of compliance.
Collect and analyze input from users.
A content and marketing plan is managed.
To optimize online customer experiences and increase brand awareness in collaboration with the rest of the team.
Communication both internally and externally.
Senior stakeholder managers explore and implement ways for reaching customers.
Making thorough reports for senior executives by compiling marketing & sales data
Manage all paid activities, including social, display and PPC, in conjunction with the Digital Marketing team.
Create a rolling catalog to advertise directly to our potential consumer database.
Establish a strategy that focuses on a certain group of clients and takes into account distinct market sectors, organization sizes, as well as buyer hubs.
Product and service pricing should be considered.
Initiation of new business.

Handle Email marketing with utmost care
You should have a thorough grasp of all aspects of marketing.
The ability to manage a wide range of marketing campaigns.
Customer, stakeholder and competitor research skills that have been demonstrated.
Develop marketing plans as a career.
Experience in strategic and tactical marketing, with an emphasis on execution and project management.
Proven track record of marketing management success
Writing, speaking and copywriting talents are excellent.
Textile/fashion industry experience desirable.
Working knowledge of marketing plans and strategies.
The ability to manage multiple stakeholders.
Skills in Photoshop and InDesign
A good team player who can assist in various areas.