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Parking Enforcement Officer

Patrol roads and public parking lots, checking that drivers have parked legally, so in the appropriate areas and have a valid parking ticket for the duration of their stay.


Patrols assigned areas on foot or by vehicle, checking for compliance with motor vehicle parking regulations and any criminal behavior.
Writes and issues citations using hand held computer devices, and affixes citations to vehicles.
Provides information to the public such as parking regulations, directions, and disposition of citation procedures.
Represents the City by carrying out duties and dealing successfully with a whole range of varied customer interactions from angry, confused, impatient to vague,
Utilizes a mobilization restriction device or contacts a towing company for vehicles with unpaid parking fines.
Provides testimony in court regarding parking violations.
Can assist with traffic control in areas such as public parking garages and parking lots.
While patrolling the area, looks for vandalism, accidents or wear and tear that has caused broken meters, damaged traffic signs, malfunctioning traffic lights, potentially hazardous traffic conditions and reports them to the necessary municipal department.
Often step in for law enforcement agencies to take non-injury traffic collision reports, theft reports with no suspect information, assist with evidence collection and perform other vital functions to uphold the law.


High School Diploma or GED equivalent.
Two years of experience in an occupation requiring public contact.
Certification as a Parking Enforcement Specialist.
Hold a valid driver’s license
Be physically fit as this is a role that demands a level of physical activity