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Assisting patients by dispensing and/or distributing prescription prescriptions, giving pharmaceutical information to healthcare providers, and monitoring clients’ drug regimens to avoid drug interactions

Ensure that each team member has solid relationships with patients, GP surgeries and health care providers.
Deliver and show the Day-Lewis key values at work.
Achievement of company goals, employee management and patient safety.
Overall branch administration and accountability, including dispensing, inspecting and providing clinical services.
In charge of professional and productive staff.

Previous hospital pharmacy experience
Minimum of three years experience.
Participate in the local community
To ensure that all customers receive a safe and effective medication management service.
Customer service and satisfaction are prioritized.
Possess strong communication and customer service skills.
You must be able to work productively on your initiative.
Work within the requirements of the pharma council and the relevant professional standards.
To be in charge of the pharmacy’s management and day-to-day operations.
To be accountable for the management and daily routine tasks of the pharmacy.
Work as a team member, train & drive help to build the business.