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Senior Producer

Oversee a specific production, paying close attention to budget, staffing, and talent, including casting, scripting, and the production’s legal and logistical affairs (s).
Collaborate with the Studio Manager to understand the set build, photography, style and related costs of projects.
Project planning at both the high-level “big picture” and the specific, week-by-week task-focused levels.
Working experience in a constructively critical, open and honest atmosphere.
Understanding of Agile, particularly Scrum — for example, working as a member of a Scrum team or as a Scrum Master.
Keeping strong, collaborative working relationships with the client service staff and clients.
Client briefs received from the Client Service team must be accurately and objectively interpreted.
Team management is adaptive (depending on the context) and focuses on facilitative leadership rather than ‘command and control.’
Managing the project’s production team’s morale, motivation, performance and personal growth.
Identifying process and planning difficulties and persistently pursuing resolution while modifying the team’s approach to improve performance.
Working with a diverse group of people, from the most senior to the most junior and being willing to both listen intently and challenge vigorously.
Accurate reporting of scope in terms of actual and expected costs and effort, allowing the studio to provide the necessary support.
Inform the applicable Studio Manager of impending projects and resource requirements as soon as possible.
Management of external partnerships, such as mo-cap, art production, or testing.
Assist the Client Service team in completing clear and precise quotations, accurate briefs and timing plans by advising them on possible production options.
Creating close and fruitful working connections with all members of the production team and direct reports.

An in-depth understanding of Microsoft Excel
Knowing a range of bug-tracking tools such as Jira, DevTrack and Trello are helpful.
Games with a strong narrative focus
The ability to prioritize a variety of tasks with ease.
A good understanding of modern project management methodologies and procedures and exceptional project management skills from experience.
5+ years of experience in a production job in the games business.