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Technical Artist

Bridge the gap between the issues of the creative, programming, and engineer teams in game development.

Throughout the production process, bring innovation and resolution to technical problems and challenges.
Initiating optimization processes by examining current material with diagnostic tools and identifying opportunities for improvement.
Understanding the game design, engine and platform needs and limits.
Proactively apply knowledge and experience to identify and address problems before they impact the development team.
Create and maintain scripts for artists to use in content creation apps.
Ability to communicate solutions to art and programming teams, as well as effectively work with other team disciplines
Giving comments to programmers and playing with new features as they become available

2+ years of relevant work experience as a technical artist familiar with engines and art pipelines.
Extensive knowledge of current-generation console platforms (Xbox One and PlayStation 4).
Motivated, self-motivated and enthusiastic about their craft.
Maya scripting languages like Python
Experience with technical writing is a bonus.
HLSL/GLSL. Maya. Substance Designer & Painter
Extensive knowledge in pipeline development and user interface design.
Having industry experience is required.