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Using Social Media for IT Recruiting

Everyone is aware that social media began as an entertainment tool and has now become a great marketing platform. 

While its primary aim is to link individuals, it also plays a vital role in connecting marketers with existing and future clients.

The number of businesses that use social media as part of their hiring process has grown in recent years. 

In 2021, 91.9 percent of marketers in firms with more than 100 workers in the United States were estimated to utilize social media for marketing objectives.

In 2013, the percentage was 86.2 percent.

Here’s all you need to know about leveraging social media for IT recruitment.

LinkedIn stands first in the field

LinkedIn leads the professional social networking, with 89 percent of firms using their recruitment process

LinkedIn helps recruiters and HR professionals find users actively looking for work and passive applicants

You can join industry-related groups and debates. It doesn’t take long to locate active, well-informed individuals who could make excellent workers.

Facebook – A powerful recruiting tool

Another quite different approach for communicating with candidates is Facebook. 

Albeit not as effective as LinkedIn, Facebook has been used by several companies to make hires. The benefit of Facebook is it helps your organization establish a strong brand that can inform and excite job seekers.

Make your Facebook page a showcase for new ideas and a trendy culture so that when you come knocking, applicants are eager to speak with you.

Tweet effectively

When it comes to recruitment, Twitter has fallen behind. 

According to a recent poll, 35 percent of Fortune 500 organizations have an active company-level Twitter account dedicated to recruitment. 

Sure, the 140-character limit restricts your ability to say much – but sometimes all it takes is getting the word out that an opening exists. The more followers a company has the more people who might apply. 

So ensure that your tweets are promoting your organization as an expert in the field and as a thought leader worth listening to

,in addition to providing employment openings.